Editing Services

I create the space for you to write the way you want to, with the words you want to express, the grammar that you want to use, and the sentence structure that’s plotted in the way your own mind works.

Leave your worries (what people may think, that you aren’t using the most fitted vocabulary, and that you’re lacking in detail) to the editor – the person who takes care of turning your story into a masterpiece.

All you need to do is focus on your own creativity and write – write to your heart’s content and don’t stop until you’re free of the story that lay dormant inside of you for so long.

You're Ready For An Editor If...

1. You know you have an uplifting, inspiring and meaningful message to share with the world and you want it to be as clear as possible.

2. You are committed to turning out a high-quality book and are open to feedback that supports your vision.

3. You welcome collaboration, trust the process, and acknowledge the value in having an editor assist you.

Why Hire an Editor?

Learn about the changing publishing industry and the importance of private editing - even if you plan on going the traditional publishing route. Click here.

Line Editing

Editing for use of language, clarity and fluidity of writing.

This is done after developmental edits are complete. A pass of line editing includes tightening up paragraphs, fixing run-on sentences, catching words that are over-used, clarifying the author's meaning where necessary and pulling redundant statements.

Rates for line editing start at $1500 for a book of 30,000 words.

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Developmental Editing

Editing for the structure and coherence of the book as a whole.

This is initially done just after the book has been completed in draft form, and can take several passes depending on the state of the book.

Rates for developmental editing start at $750 for a book of 30,000 words

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Combination Editing

This is a combination of both developmental and line editing, and one of the most common services I provide.

This service is especially beneficial for all authors who have recorded their content in audio form and are developing their book from transcriptions of these audio recordings.

Rates for this package start at $2000 for a book of 30,000 words.

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